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Message from Phoebe & Cheuk Lee

We want to put into action a project that involves public speaking which encourages kids to speak up on things they're passionate about. It's a combination of speeches and speaking up. Our project is aimed at kids from P.4-6, It could become the next program for the kids who have participated in the kids4kids BRP. 

This program aims to assist their learning journey, helping them to understand that communication is important. Everyone has to communicate when they’re working in groups. It promotes innovation, and it is much easier to become leaders once they’ve cultivated the skill of communicating confidently. The power of good communication does not only exist in workplaces as it is key in any relationship that exists --- friends, family members. We want to help our future generations to communicate better and to convey things they are passionate about.

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  • Kids4Kids works with primary and secondary schools and students in Hong Kong, offering programs and service opportunities that inspires creativity and build capacity for young people to become problem solvers in the real world.