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Message from eJourney team

Career planning through Journey of the Growth is an inspiration from the current tangible portfolio system of Delia Memorial School (Glee Path) which allows students to compile their personal and academic ups and downs and serves as a reflection of learners’ journey throughout their secondary life, “Journey of the Growth” or eJourney for short would help them keep track of their growth.
Ride along our journey of growth! Join us whether you’re a potential user or volunteer, either way, you’d be able to experience a growing experience like no other. Helping teachers and secondary students establish deeper connections along with paving ways of giving the best possible options into building one’s identity towards a better future in an app that’s accessible and convenient.

charities supported

  • Changing Young Lives Foundation services range from preschool learning opportunities for toddlers, to training for children with special education needs, multi-intelligence and academic workshops for children, life and career coaching for youth, emotional enhancement support for at-risk youngsters and parental support.

  • Kids4Kids works with primary and secondary schools and students in Hong Kong, offering programs and service opportunities that inspires creativity and build capacity for young people to become problem solvers in the real world.